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Dipl. biol. Volker Clausen
Scientist, Biology
Graduated Biologist, Freelancer.

Dipl. oec. Angela Clausen
Scientist, Nutrition
Graduated Nutrition Scientist, Consumer Advice Centre, NRW Germany.

Prof. Dr. Hans G. Edelmann
Scientist, Botany & Nature of Science
Institute for Biology and its Didactics, University of Cologne.

Prof. Dr. Elbert D. Glover
Behavioral & Community Health
Professor & Chair of School of Public Health, Departement of Behavioral and Community Health, University of Maryland.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Klein
Science Education, Constructivism
Alumnus Professor & former Chair of the Institute for Biology and its Didactics, Director of the Health Education Research Unit, University of Cologne.

Dipl. sport sc. Christiane Krämer
Scientist, Rehabilitation & Prevention
Graduated Sport Scientist & Medical Scientist

Dr. Philipp Krämer
Special Edcuation, Science Education, Inquiry-based Science Education, Health Education Research Unit, Scientific Assistant at School of Education, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany.

Affiliate Prof. Dr. Tait Martin
Health and Environmental Messages and Research Techniques
Affiliate Professor, University of South Florida, Florida,
Chief Research Officer + Partner, Taproot Creative, Tallahassee, Florida.    
Prof. Dr. Robert McDermott
Health Education & Public Health
Honorary Fellow and Visiting Professor, Departement of Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.    
Prof. Dr. Kirsten Schlüter
Science Education, Inquiry-based Science Education
Professor & Chair of the Institute for Biology and its Didactics, University of Cologne.    


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