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Research & Projects

The major concern of the projects comprise a broad range of topics regarding health and environmental issues in relation to education. In addition, a lot of projects deal with human biology, ecology, botany, soil & water science, medicine, ... . 

Most of the projects represent development work, originating from the "What we could do..." raised and discussed during the conferences, meetings and come-together. As well, projects inculde cross-cultural studies and reviews.

Journal & Conference

The Health Education Research Unit hosts The Journal of Health, Environment, & Education as well as the "Annual Conference of the International Consortium for Interdisciplinary Education about Health and the Environment".

The journal supports workgroups and interested parties with the opportunity to publish their work. Especially presenters at the annual conference are encouraged and invited to submit a paper. The conference takes place annually in December in Cologne. Scientist and educators from all over the world participate and present their work. Any person interested is welcome.


Associated Colleagues

The Health Education Research Unit represents an international team composed of associated colleagues. The pool of well-experienced colleagues is growing permantly. Thus, networking with international educators and scientists, discussions with experts as well as international and cooperative projects are conveyed.

In order to gain the status of an associated colleague, there is no fee or membership required. Every colleague appointed may participate in projects, publications and conferences by choice. The Health Education Research Unit is assisted by the Institute for Biology Education at the University of Cologne.

"What we could do..."

The Health Education Research Unit represents a platform for Educators and Scientist with special interest in the field of health and environmental education.

Both, Educators and Scientists, carrying a "What we could do..." in their mind, get the opportunity to discuss their ideas, develop their research questions and carry out their investigations with well-experienced, associated colleagues. The research unit supports interested parties and workgroups with an online journal, an annual conference as well as project coordination.