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Getting Practical with Soil

Rollenspiel zur Sensibilisierung für AVWS

With this workshop we invited participants to join hands-on activities covering aspects of the curricular subject „soil“ for key stage 3 students.

We approached this topic from different views, such as ecology, zoology, and microbiology. For this, we designed enquiry-based lectures with student-centred activities.

We provided visitors with an educational and a scientific framework as well as relevant background information. Additionally, we offer practical advice and pedagogical introductions, thereby supporting participants to include meaningful lectures on “soil”.


Nessler, S., Krämer, P., Klein, K. & Edelmann, H.G. (2012): Getting practical with soil in natural scientific contexts. ASE Annual Conference, Liverpool, 4th to 7th January 2012.


Hans Edelmann

Philipp Krämer

Stefan Nessler

Klaus Klein


Dr. Stefan Nessler