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Internationales Master of Environmental Science

Humans and the environment are closely coupled. Human activities affect dominate most ecosystems as humans strongly alter the biological, chemical, physical and geological characteristics of their environment. At the same time, humans are affected by their environment, which provides essential goods and services. Therefore, technologies to mitigate environmental problems are invented and regulations of environmental use and impacts are issued at accelerating speed in an increasingly globalized world.   
Based on these central tenets, it becomes clear that disciplinary approaches are not sufficient in order to understand environmental science or to solve environmental problems. Therefore, an interdisciplinary environmental study program covering different faculties has been established at the University of Cologne in 2003. The idea of this program is to enhance the handling of environmental problems and research on environmental issues by fostering multidisciplinary education and thinking. 
As the global aspects of human actions and environmental problems become more important, we specifically address an international student audience with this Master program. The difference in experience and background of the students is seen as a resource for enhanced understanding and vital discussions in this program.


Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Edelmann